Cold Punch Music focuses on artist and label services such as Music Licensing & Publishing, Brand & Artist Development, Audio Engineering (Mixing & Mastering), Music Production, and Graphic Design. Please contact us to commission any of these services.

We are now building a carefully curated music sync library with only the most inspiring independent artists - and only their best recordings. Our purpose is to expand the possibilities of success for talented bands, musicians and record labels.

Having a library of over 500,000 meaningless jingles is not our goal. Our goal is to deliver the most well recorded, well mixed, visually and emotionally captivating music we can find. We are here to serve those ingenious independents who have gone unheard, as well as the content providers who understand the value of high quality and creatively unique music.

If you're interested in being a part of the music sync library, send us your music via contact form or email.