Cold Punch Sync FAQ


What is Cold Punch sync? What is a sync library?

Sync is a term that refers to synchronizing, or using music with a visual medium, such as Film, TV, Video Games and more. A sync library is a curated collection of music which can be pitched to people who work in the media industries - to land placements for artists. A placement is when the music is paid for to be used in a project. A sync fee is the amount of money received for the placement.

Why should I care about it?

If your music gets placed, you will get paid and your music will be heard. Music synchronization is a great way to make money and also expose your music to a larger audience.

How does it work?

Send us your best songs, and with your permission, we will reach out and find placements for you. We will get in touch with music supervisors and pitch your music directly to them. There is no cost for being a member of Cold Punch Sync, however our library is heavily curated and we only accept musicians strictly based on our own opinion. If we find you a placement, we will split the sync fee 50/50 with you, while you retain 100% of the royalties.

Usually we will approach specific artists through our talent search process. However, you can still submit your music here.

Is my music eligible for Cold Punch sync?

We need to know that you own 100% of your masters, for the tracks you want to place, and that you do not use any samples or interpolations in these tracks. Although we love to support all independent music, we cannot guarantee all of your songs will be accepted into the library. Just because we don’t accept your music, does not mean you’re not a great musician or artist. Keep going!

What kind of music Is Cold Punch looking for?

We accept all types of music, and are not looking for only one thing. That being said, we will lean towards music that is well mixed, mastered, and produced. The point of music sync is to find songs that pair well with visuals, so these songs usually convey a distinct emotion or mood.