Soul Dolphin - It Falls and Turns (2019)


Rebecca Rothschild of Divide and Conquer writes: “There is more than three dimensions to these eight tracks. A big part of that comes from their concept of percussion. It's like they're 3D printing the tune right into your ear canal. I could almost feel or even taste it. When I closed my eyes I could see geometric shapes building on top of one another or puffs of smoke warping into different shapes. Typically albums in this ballpark like to keep it light and fluffy. This album is anything but light and fluffy. Each track has weight and gravitas to it. Yes you're going on a journey, but your feet are rooted into the ground.”


ABOUT Soul DolphiN

Soul Dolphin is a psychedelic band. The band formed in 2017 and immediately started recording material for their debut project, Deja Vu All Over. The project was released on November 5th, 2018.

Soul Dolphin's sound relies on a solid rhythmic and tonal foundation, brushed up with mind-altering percussive elements. A Soul Dolphin production is not complete without classic sounding vocal melodies and a healthy dose of gritty yet seductive guitar licks.

Genre: Psychedelic, Alternative, Indie Rock, Psychotropic Bounce

Influences: Radiohead, Tame Impala, Arthur Verocai, Sérgio Mendes, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Amelia Vandergast of A&R Factory writes: “Ever heard a Psychedelic Alt Rock track so transient that it’s bordering on ethereal? Nirvana may have sung about reaching a higher plateau, yet Soul Dolphin’s latest track “What’s Right” is the aurally magnetic track which will take you there. Just what kind of alchemy they weaved into the production… I will never know, yet the lucid layers of the track are enough to induce you into a pure state of catharsis.“

The Deli Magazine Philadelphia writes: “Tranquilizing reverberations dissipate along an experimental tract. Combining that measured, melodic, meditative state with more aggressive, deep-tunneling grooves, there’s an isolated eye on the future landscape. It's a head trip that doesn't venture too far from home, exploring another wrinkle within the mind.”

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